I am a composer, singer and author from Erfurt (Germany) and my creative process started when I was a child. As the grandson of a film composer and a singer, I got a few talents into my cradle and have been working since then to make my passion a profession and to keep developing. I have been writing my own songs in the field of pop and orchestral music for over 15 years. As an author, I write about music, spirituality and also like to have life told. As a composer, I love experimenting with different sounds and melodies. In the video area, I focus on emotional stories that move and get stuck. Again and again I am captivated by new visions / ideas and I am always looking for new interesting projects.

What I want to pass on to people

There is little that really matters in life, and we often pay too little attention to these things. With music and videography, I hope to make people happy and to become aware of exactly these things. Maybe my music can help you over a difficult time, motivate you, or give you strength for new challenges. Music speaks the same language for everyone and for me it’s the best way to make a difference.

My goals for the next few years

I want to learn a lot, release new music and work with other creative people who have similar goals. The great thing about creative work is that you can always reinvent things and have almost no limits. My family gives me the support I need to keep growing and achieving my goals. For them I want to be someone to look up to.